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Wedding Entertainment

Full Suite Package of Services

We thank you for your inquiry into our services. Every event is unique and we cater our services to that effect.


We can provide the microphone and speaker for any type of Wedding Ceremony: beach, poolside,
park like, or indoor venue.


Music for your....

  • Bridal Party Procession

  • Bride's Procession

  • Candle Lighting (or alternate tradition)

  • Bride and Groom Recessional


Additional Ceremony Services

(priced separately)

  • Additional microphone for a musician, etc.

  • Lapel mic for the groom

  • Day of Ceremony Coordination, including bridal party setup

IMG_3307 (1).jpg
Cocktail Hour
  • A speaker with a playlist   

  • We play light background music for your guests to listening pleasure

  • Lively and upbeat to start setting the tone for your wedding reception

  • We offer the very best in entertainment services  

  • Each event is unique and never routine - low-key, high energy, worldly music  

  • Customize with you to create a distinctive experience tailored to fit your needs and desires.  

  • You and your guests will dance, laugh and have a great time

IMG_6303 (1).jpg

The DJ and MC.....

  • Dual team (2) entertainers

    • introductions

    • interaction with guests

    • cultural traditions

  • DJ -

    • Plans the playlist with you to include your favorite songs and a do not play list.

    • Reads how your guests interact with music, and sets the right tone for a fun time.

  • MC - facilitator, coordinator,  
    organizer and entertainment planner 

Zorba Dance.jpg


  • Extensive digitized library

    • Personalized playlist
      (you set the tone and type of music) = LOTS of dancing.

    • All artists and songs available upon request

    • We specialize in European music from all era

Sound and Lighting...

  • Hi quality QSC two-way powered sound system for a robust sound with deep base

  • Dance floor lights up with our
    RGB LED lighting


Additional Services

(priced separately)

  • Sub woofer $250.
    Sound of deep base flowing through the dance floor and ballroom.  

  • Intelligent Lights $350.
    Moving heads venue light-scaping RGB LED and spot light (first dance, wedding cake).

Chauvet Spotlight.jpeg

Package Inclusives

  • Planning and Support:

    • Event Entertainment Planner, coordinator, organizer and facilitator. Unlimited support and a customized personal planner crafted to event’s timeline, traditions, and activities.

  • Travel and expenses to and from the wedding venue 

  • Off-load and setup, breakdown and packing

  • Liability insurance


About Us


Inspiring and entertaining for a fun memorable wedding.

30+ years of experience

Specialize in multi-cultural Weddings


Each Wedding Celebration is unique and special

We devote our time to tailor personalized service

to you and your family’s tastes and visions.


Polskie Wesela. Mowimy po Polsku.  

We speak both Polish and English fluently and

clearly for all your guests to understand and interact.

Music Equipment

Let's Work Together

-->collaboratively let's plan music, playlist, introductions
-->incorporate traditions and fun yet entertaining activities

We'd love to speak to you both about your ideas and inspirations for a memorable celebration. Don't hesitate to contact us to chat further with a detailed discussion about your celebration of marriage day package, or if you may have further questions.


  • Service and Time we quoted you are estimated to establish a quote. You may adjust the Time as necessary however the package price on your quote  reflects the total hours for Service listed on your quote and referenced above.

  • Each additional hour is an additional charge.

  • Your quote is valid for 60 calendar days from date of quote.

  • Clients must execute a DJ Entertainment Agreement and deposit check to book your wedding date.

    • Deposit preferred by check. Option payable via PayPal (an additional 3% convenience fee applies).

    • We request the DJ area (6x10) be within 10 feet of the dance floor.

    • Additional terms and conditions apply as per the agreement. 

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